About us

Our community started off back in 2021 and has grown into dozens of dedicated members within a tight-knit community that strives to provide the best player experience it can. We offer fully fleshed out features such as a server website (thanks for visiting us!), a community Discord (check us out in the top right corner), and a donations and ranks system for those that really love the community and really wanna show it.

That's just the start of it, though. To really experience our awesome server features, such as a factions and grouping system to make it easier to play with friends, a fully fleshed out server /GUI (no, we're not a hub server), bounty system that allows you to put a price on a players head, and an auction house which allows you to sell items at your own price (+much more), you should join and find out for yourself at MC.SIMPLEPVP.NET

In addition, we have an active and helpful Staff Team ready and willing to answer all your questions, both in-game and on our community Discord. We are also looking for additional competent, active, and kind players to add to our Volunteer Staff Ranks. If giving back, contributing to your home server, and a feeling of success sound like things you'd be interested in feel free to speak to a recruiting Administrator on our Discord!