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Factions SMP

Create, lead, and rule as the top faction along side your team mates. We include Factions as a feature because we believe community matters, and community starts with the players! So group with your friends and other players and get to raiding

Players are able to purchase extra free ranks within the server in exchange for Credits! Player ranks do cool stuff like provide extra homes, additional kits, new titles, and extra abilities! So start saving up and put those Credits to good use

Player Ranks

Player Auctions

Sell your items at a price you decide! With AuctionHouse you're able to sell your items whenever you want for the amount of Credits you choose. Higher Player Ranks are able to have more active listings!

Join, invite, and talk to your friends through the well-known Discord VOIP platform. The SimplePvP Community Discord contains the heart of the community, with music, general discussion, and support channels, as well as the ability to talk in-game right through our Discord!

Community Discord